It’s all #sangiovese: Mix 36, Mazzei

From an agronomic point of view, it is the result of a 4 years research conducted by Mazzei on 36 different biotypes of Sangiovese.


From the point of view of the wine, it comes out an important one; it’s a definition, obviously, of the the typical Sangiovese features, but far enough away from Chianti Classico expressions.
Even the color is much more dense and bloody than usual, alive and shining though.
Scholastic nose, quietly above the average, but no particular brilliant aspects, ripe fruit but still whole, no jam or in alcohol. blood and earthy notes fused, fleshy geranium and some sweet spice sprinkled here and there.

Mouth, instead, gives full satisfaction in this 2011 vintage, perhaps the boundary line. A rich volume of melted butter, chocolate, leather and Tuscan cigar, almost animal. A lovely full volume, relaxed and easy, thanks to a fine and extremely flavorful tannin. Well, perhaps too easy on the limit. Freshness seems to be tired, still not enough to compromise a (now) perfect balance, but it’s horizon is not far away.
Very long in the mouth, very long the account statement.



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