My moments of reflection and Pinot Nero Oltrepò Pavese DOC Carillo

Tasting wine means carefully drink it, trying to understand it, so it needs time, space and clear mind. That’s the reason why ‘to taste’ is not just ‘to drink’. When you drink wine, you simply do it, without so many thoughts or attentions, so it’s probably more funny. Instead, when you taste wine, you’ve to isolate, to go inside your mind/body and to close any channel towards the entire outside world; you’ve to focuse on your glass and no other. It’s not easy, and requires effort.

Fortunately this is not my job, it’s just my passion. So, sometimes, I need to stop, to stay without wine for a short time, to reset myself and my feelings, in order to be ready for the next. Just as the palate after a bite or a gulp, when the palate must be remain clear and ready for the next.


Ok, now that I wrote the official reason, I can also unveil the thruth … drinking wine fattens, so sometimes a little time of rest helps your health and your body … so my doctor says.

But fortunately, these periods of reflections at last come to an end, and that’s the moment to choose a bottle to re…start. I took this time from my cellar a bottle of Pinot Nero Oltrepò Pavese DOC Carillo by Tenuta Frecciarossa – Casteggio (Pavia – Lombardia). This bottle has put in serious crisis my determination in these moments of reflection, especially next to which I’m already thinking. Because this bottle is one of theese that, beyond the body, warms your soul. Probably because this wine is an every day wine, a wonderful every day wine. It’s a wine of simplicity, a wine for the Family, a wine of daily pleasure, of feeling good about themselves. This is, at least so I think, the ultimate goal of a wine.

A crisp wine, both in nose and in taste. Beautiful shiny red fruit, but also mineral notes, almost dusty, to design a not very large but simply nice aromatic profile. Lively taste, without disdaining in pleasantness, good composure with the physic of Pinot Noir to anchor to the floor it’s, sometimes exuberant, alcoholic peaks .

Drink pinot noir in Italy is just like to buy a bingo’s ticket. This probably won’t let you live in a desert wonderful island for the rest of your life, but gives to you a ticket for a nice holiday.

Last but not least, and it’s not a little matter, you can get it here for a lot less money than you can imagine. Cheers!



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