How big companies maintain high quality in spite of the numbers (Ca del Bosco case history) ((Ca’ del Bosco: come le grandi aziende mantengono alta la qualità dei prodotti nonostante i numeri!)

with Chiara Giorleo...

(ENG version   — segue versione ITA)

I use to write about small excellence but also large companies. I like to find small producers, the little-known wines with enormous potential but I never forget those which have made the history, the big companies that have carried the name of their country around the world, those which have recovered native varieties and without which the small ones could not exist in many cases. (read something here)

And I know to raise quite a mess proposing a long-standing topic of discussion: can the great companies, the ones which produce million(s) of bottles, to produce a great wine? Lots of experts wonder how does big wineries handle the control over their own land and on every single bottle?
Once, during one of my tours, a well-known character of the wine world whispered to me, “Piero Antinori will probably need the GPS to go…

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