Do we need a Chief Social Officer?

PierG (aka Piergiorgio Grossi)

“In the connected-world era, links are by far more important than technology … this is how our brain works by the way”

Do we need a Chief Social Officer?

Social is an experience for the company that goes side-by-side with the organization: it’s a way to broaden the possibility to achieve results.

Social is not an option. If your company is on the market:

  • people inside companies is collaborating faster and faster in a way that goes beyond the standardized procedures;
  • people outside companies is already talking about the company, is inventing stuff relating to your company, is making and sharing stuff thinking of your brand … and it’s probably doing it outside your sight.
  • … and, and this even more powerful (or scary, it’s up to you do decide 🙂 ), the barrier between inside and outside is getting thinner and thinner.

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